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Lighting Design in Ballroom

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Computer lights on the stage and lens scanning computer lights the dance floor and shook his head computer light each other, simultaneously or in groups, according to the different needs of the environment and dance (Manqu, fast song), editing, authoring program to produce different atmosphere
Slow roll nightclub, DISCO dance hall, bar and KTV venues requirements, we do a comprehensive consideration in the design of lighting:
Part of the stage:
PAR 64 (silver aluminum enclosure in front of the proscenium and the rear of the stage, and of good quality) spotlight, in front of the proscenium to use the import of the wide-beam light source, uniform light distribution, as a surface light; the rear of the stage using medium beam light to Taiwan in front of the projection beam, as a backlight, the stage at the top and then set a top light, stage light enough to evenly illuminate the stage to change a different color atmosphere by adding a color paper, group programming and chase to the cabaret different needs. U.S. imports of light, high reliability and require frequent replacement, it will not bulb burst, and other undesirable usage.
In addition, we configured the stage in the central and back facade advanced computer scanning lights (the lights of the GENIUS / Italy. Jane Li LP 97 or HIGH END / United States. Light wave of TECHNOBEAM-many for large parties and events , '98 Faye Wong in Beijing, Shanghai tour, using the 24 ... optional First of two programs, LP97-featured, very good quality, while TECHNOBEAM boutique in the computer lights have their own characteristics, details of See data.)
LP97 glass rotation pattern, three sides of the prism, three-dimensional artistic design of five surface prism or TECHNOBEAM of unusually large area of light spot projected on the stage, the spot from time to time to transform free-flowing beautiful graphics, through the lens scanning, graphics the inside out, moving from low to high sweep, and cast out of the back facade beams stacked division colorful constructed in the air, blowing all kinds of shapes. Shook his head computer light on the mouth coupled with the coming to power (the GENIUS / Italy. Jane Li LP 69 can be suspended in the Taiwan population can also be placed on the ground the wings), due to the freedom of the rotation angle, the beam scanning without any dead ends, you can take care of stage and the ambient light needs, so, in the former, and after each other well, lighting engineers in the hardware level, you can give full play to make a variety of special effects scenes to meet the various performances of the stage, activity requirements.
At the same time, the lights of the stage on the computer with a lens scanning computer lights in the dance floor and shook his head computer light to each other, simultaneously or in groups, according to the different needs of the environment and dance (Manqu, fast song), edit the authoring program to produce a different atmosphere. Patterned after the art editor, up to as many as dozens, hundreds of species, color (full color, half color) diverse, resulting in a very rich color combinations, strobe effect with the fast-paced tunes to enhance the dynamic white also can be used to the spotlight. In short, through the flexible use of the computer lights, can generate arbitrary stage and hall tone is the best use of record features, to heighten the atmosphere, to meet various requirements (dance, comedy, disco, fashion SHOW, etc.).
Second, the dance floor effect different parts of lamps:

 A. Fixtures: Use only lens scanning scanner (the GENIUS / Italy. Jane Li of the LP 78), which is characterized by very stable performance, rich and gaudy colors bright, and the dance floor, performance is pretty good shaking his head scanner (GRIVEN / Italy. Jifen the GR 422: handsome in appearance, optical output, spot, full-featured, UV effects, glass gobos and prism rotation effect) with or used alone, the dance floor in the atmosphere to a climax.

B. universe UFO central main light (GRIVEN / Italy Jifen, and GR 500): placed on the dance floor just above, compared to other brands of the main light, the lamp lamp body thin cross-sectional area, the effect of sensitive pickup , quiet motor operation, built-in a variety of programs, the beam also changes with changes in the rhythm of the music program, a large area of light coverage, so a light can play the role of multi-lamp, and the month lantern rotation tunnel lantern and other effects lights, etc. co-ordination can be used to Manqu; can be used to strobe, computer lights, and so on with a fast song. In peacetime, the scanner is not open, can also be used independently,

C. The effect of light (lantern): tube rolling lanterns and varied according to Lee lantern, effect Lantern pattern changes, dozens of beams of light pouring down on the ground cloth to open, such as stars little colored flowers everywhere, and shortly they turned into beautiful graphics, a little smoke, the clumps of colored beams rotating in the air or intertwined or parallel, with excellent results; the rotation tunnel lantern and the slow transfer months lantern (you can add a variety of colors and color on paper) can be formed leisurely flowing aura and radiant feeling, slow dancing or melodious dance the perfect match.

D. spotlight the AR 56 is silver aluminum alloy shell, of good quality, plus color paper packet can go with the music as the dance floor light can be light to produce a different atmosphere.

Spotlight, such as dimming and processing, due to the possibility of the show, is also equipped with snow machines and other special effects equipment. In addition, also equipped with a powerful strobe lights and other equipment to prepare to produce performances and disco effects. Lighting control equipment to leave a margin, to prepare for the future adjustment to add equipment.

 In short, the design in the selection of lamps, both consider the use of functional requirements, careful selection of the reliable stability of the lamps, the effect of the choice of the lamp optical output, varied and stable performance, and very novel, such as: the use of moving lights, tubes, rolling lanterns and lanterns and such as change of rotating tunnel is extremely rich, the effect can not be achieved in the previous or other similar lamps, therefore, they are cost performance is very good entertainment hall preferred lamps.