Moving Head Discolor Searchlight

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Voltage: AC220-240V     50/60Hz
Power: 3500W/4200W/5600W/7500W
Light bulb: XQ3/4/5/7KW  Xenon bubble
Bulb life: 800 hours (After 600 hours of light 
bulbs began to enter into the attenuation period)
IP Code: IP56. Color: White light+CMY color 
change system, Combined into seven color
X-axis:360°,is equipped with the automatic 
error correction function, can automatic 
correction lamps position. 
Y-axis: 224°, has the photosensitive error 
correction function, can automatic correction 
lamps position. 
Function information: special design 
reflective bowl, Produce a maximum 
brightness output. White light+CMY color 
change system, can be combined in various 
colors. Parallel light output, projection 
distance up to 7km, beam diameter: 250mm. 
The airframe has the overheating, overload, 
short circuit, voltage loss protection, shockproof, 
waterproof (LED) electronic set and liquid 
crystal display.Control signal: DXM-512 
program of the single machine go function,
Program of multiple master-slave 
synchronization function control signal reset 
function. X axis y reverse.
Wood case 3KW -7KW: 140X76X84CM ,3kw G.w.165KG
Flight case  3KW-7KW:157X86X79CM ,3kwG.w.:216KG